VIPrivate Care’s 10 Commandments of Dignitary Focused Private Home Care  VIPrivate care’s 10 Commandments of Dignitary Focused Private Home Care

  1. The Gold Standard of Patient Service
  2. Insure Patient Well-Being; Comfort, Safety, Privacy and Dignity
  3. Preserve Patient Rights and prevent any undermining of a patient’s wishes
  4. Reduce Patient and Family Uncertainty by providing exclusive, discreet and dignified care
  5. Clear Communication; Managing communication between all family and clinical parties
  6. Attention to Detail
  7. Attention to Privacy and Confidentiality; as it applies to modesty and communication methods
  8. Provide Genuinely Compassionate Care
  9. Attention to Consistency of Service
  10. Sensitivity to Preferences, Customs, Race, Religion and Ethnicity