1.Nursing Care for Adults and Children.
Long term/ Short Term / Single Visit for home health care
Long term is 30 consecutive days or longer. Short Term is less than 30 consecutive days. For home health care Single Visit is up to 2.5 hours.
2.Travel Nursing – International & Domestic Travel Nursing includes accompanying a patient to a travel destination. All travel arrangements and fees must be approved and paid in advance.
3.Concierge VIP Case Management Home health care Services includes coordination of doctor appointments, results, labs, procedures, treatments, etc. Service performed by Concierge Approved Registered Nurses. Billed monthly or annually per our Agreement.
4.In-Home ICU Set-up This service is coordinated in-home (or hotel) with our Physician associates
5.VIP Medical Companion Performed by LPN or RN.  This service offers patients more service, skill, and security than Home Health Aides (HHA) at a slightly higher price point.
6.Medical Equipment Provision of medical equipment as well as recommending constructing safety standards in home
7. Home health Care Plans Home health Care Plans are written by a Registered Nurse or physician. All clinical issues are evaluated. HIPAA compliant.
8. Chronic Disease Management A licensed clinician, usually, RN, provides daily oversight of clinical care. The case is further reviewed by the Director of Nursing, reducing uncertainty and the likelihood for error.
9.Hospital Support, Advisory & Greeting A VIPrivate Care staff member will greet the patient and family prior to discharge. Any clinical practitioner or company representative has given authority will perform greetings. For Home health care the Registered Nurses will perform hospital advisory and support at any time during the clinical process, providing security and oversight. These RN’s do not provide clinical care in-hospital.


10.      Medication management and pre-pouring of medications A licensed clinician* manages the pouring of medications based on dosage, frequency, and contraindications. The clinician makes certain medications are administered without error.

Licensed clinicians include RN’s, LPN’s, and NP’s. No CNAs or HHA’s my pre-pour medications. They may only give reminders.


11.      Injections and IV infusions – antibiotics, fluids, feeding A licensed clinician performs an injection using a specifically gauged needle.  Injections may be performed by LPN’s and certified Infusion Nurses under contract.
12.      Wound care – surgical and pressure A licensed clinician monitors wounds, and assists in the healing process. Registered Nurses specializing in wound care provide these services.
13.      Mother-baby care with nurse available for questions by email/phone These services are performed by certified not licensed providers
14.      Audiology Service performed by licensed providers
15.      Physical therapy Service performed by licensed providers
16.      Occupational therapy Service performed by licensed providers
17.      Nutrition Service performed by licensed providers
18.      Speech Therapy Service provided by licensed Speech Pathologists
19.      Colostomy/Ileostomy care Registered Nurses or physicians perform all GI-related care
20.      Lab draws with delivery to the MD office This service is offered within the Concierge Nursing Service and billed separately
21.      Exercise Certified or licensed care givers to provide these home care services
22.      Safety and Home Assessment In-home safety assessments conducted, and construction safety standards recommended. Billed separately.
23.      Property/Home Management Service includes a home manager and assistants, offering patients a streamlined way to manage their home, property, and health. These home health care service providers are not clinicians. Billed separately.
24.      Tele nursing & consulting using HIPAA secured video To be determined