5 Reasons why Dignitary Private Home Care and Concierge Nursing is superior to standard Agency care

5 Reasons why Dignitary Private Home Care and Concierge Nursing is superior to standard Agency care

What is a Dignitary?

Dignitaries are people of importance due to high rank or office. A synonym we use in place of Dignitary is VIP. All of our patients are people of means and prominence that seek exceptional care at a premium price point.

Why do we devote care to Dignitaries?

We devote our care to Dignitaries because we saw a gap in the market. There were very few if any licensed home care agencies dedicating care to this particular demographic.
The founders had an extensive background in both Clinical training and premium class customer services.

Why is our Dignitary Private Home Care a better choice than an agency?

Most agencies are high volume low margin entities that derive their revenue from increased numbers of patients that pay for home care and nursing services with private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid.
Dignitary Care is private pay which affords the patient a full spectrum of services free from restrictions.  We are in essence a service that devotes is business model to a higher paying client thereby limiting the total number of clients to ensure the highest quality service.

When Dignitary Private Home Care and Concierge Nursing is best

It’s best when there is a true realization that the patient and the family’s quality of life must be preserved prior to Life events that cause an immense amount of stress or uncertainty on both the patient, spouse, employees, businesses and family members.

This is applicable to acute care need and long-term need due to permanent change/disability or chronic illness.

VIPrivate Care provide patients with Service Flexibility in that we provide dedicated care teams has the ability to perform services within the home, hotel, yacht and planes.

Every type of service contract we offer has the ability to be customized and molded to the needs of the patient.

Services range from Clinical need and non-clinical need by daily visits to 24 hour care from Dignitary Trained Registered Nurses RNs, LPN’s, Home Health Aides HHAs, Certified Nursing Assistants CNAs, Home Makers and Companions.

Other Premium Services are International Travel Care and Black Label Care Management.

Patients and families should avoid waiting until the twelfth hour so to speak. A significant part of transitioning to home care occurs in the Estate Planning process that would include important issues that have to do with assets, control and medical care.

Patients need to consider the following –

  • Who is their Health Care Proxy? Who does the patient Trust if the patient is deemed Ina capable of handling their medical decisions?
  • Is there an Advanced Medical Directive clearly specifying the wishes of the patient?
  • If the patient has chosen a home care Agency then does the patient maintain control over their desire to keep their caregivers even if they do not control the payment for services?
  • Is there a Power of Attorney where there is permanent or limited need to handle finances or personal matters outside of medical decisions?
  • Is there a DNR or Do Not Resuscitate?

Here we have mentioned the top 5 reasons why Dignitary Private Home Care and Concierge Nursing is superior to standard Agency care

1. Service Expertise: VIPrivate Care offer clinical excellence coupled with an unparalleled anticipation of need.

2. Service Consistency: our care teams are developed to match personality and deliver above and beyond consistently.

3. Care Giver Training: Dignitary Training consists of codes of conduct and appearance, Etiquette-Finishing, Culture and the VIPrivate Care philosophy on the Gold Standard Customer Service. We are leaders that lead with compassion, patience and take complete ownership of the responsibility of exceptional patient care.

4. Patient and Family Satisfaction: technically we are the fiduciary of the patient but we extend our service and awareness to the family members affected by medical and life stress.

5. Trust: Relinquishing control is difficult for patients and family as the industry of home care is afflicted by poor standards of care and certainly substandard customer service. We built VIPrivate Care and mission of our Dignitary Private Home Care is providing a commitment to confidentiality and dignified discreet care.

The Takeaway

If you are an individual or family of means that value Superior Service, Confidentiality and seek the best possible way to maintain as close to a normal level of wellbeing as possible then this type of Dignitary Private Home Care is right for you.

You’ve worked hard to develop a legacy and there is no better way to preserve your legacy than to live each day in a dignified manner. Your wealth can buy you that type of certainty at VIPrivate Care.

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