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About Us

VIPrivate Care is a premium private pay home care agency focused on providing dignitary and VIP patients with clinical and service excellence. Its flagship location in NYC launched in 2012 and it now services patients in New Jersey, Ohio, and other locations. Its franchise model launched in 2020 and has grown to several other states since. VIPrivate Care is the first company to offer an exclusive premium private pay home care solution to clients that see value rather than cost as their primary consideration.

We purposely avoid working with insurance companies in order to provide you the highest level of patient care and top-rated providers. Our providers offer highly effective treatments and valued services from the comfort of your home; unlimited by insurance. 




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Experts in creating individualized service care for clients

We offer clinical excellence coupled with an unparalleled anticipation of need. We lead with compassion, patience and take complete ownership of the responsibility of exceptional patient care.

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Consistency, continuity, and coordination of care services

Our care teams are developed to match personality and deliver above and beyond consistently.

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Effective caregiver training to ensure quality care

Dignitary Training consists of codes of conduct and appearance, Etiquette-Finishing, Culture and the VIPrivate Care philosophy on the Gold Standard Customer Service.

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Patient and family satisfaction is our top priority for VIP Care

Technically we are the fiduciary of the patient but we extend our service and awareness to the family members affected by medical and life stress.

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We know that that this is a critical decision and that trust is essential

Relinquishing control is difficult for patients and family as the industry of home care is afflicted by poor standards of care and certainly substandard customer service. We built VIPrivate Care and its mission on providing a commitment to confidentiality and dignified discreet care.



Our dedication to customers and patients combined with the lessons learned in our amateur and professional sports careers have uniquely blended these experiences, lessons and skills into what we call VIPrivate Care.

Beliefs & Values

We’ve been fortunate to learn by voluntary training and education that the human condition is complex. Careful attention must be paid to understand what governs beliefs, values, habits and behaviors.

Service Excellence

We aim to leave a lasting impression of decency, dignity, compassion, sensitvity, attentiveness and genuine humane care. We ensure that our service and intent align with the patient and family’s beliefs, values and expectations.

Our founders

Mr. Terence Kerrigan and his partner, Tiffany Italiano, founded VIPrivate Care with a goal of providing the highest level of service to the company’s clients and patients. 

To Terry and Tiffany, the vocations of advisory, coaching, consulting, nurse management and critical care nursing never truly felt like work because they were authentically an extension of who they are as people: business operators, visionaries, caregivers, spouses, and parents.

Mr. Terence W. Kerrigan

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In addition to founding VIPrivate Care, Terry is an award-winning triathlete. He has competed in and won Iron Man and other athletic tournaments all over the world. His experience as an athlete inspired his passion for physical therapy, so physical therapy seemed like a natural next step for him after retiring from athletic competitions.

Ms. Tiffany C. Italiano

RN, BSN, CCRN; Director of Nursing
Co-Founder and Director of Nursing - Private nursing

Tiffany was trained as a nurse at New York Presbyterian, one of the best hospitals in the United States. She worked in critical care and managed a unit of nurses for nearly a decade. Tiffany then took her talents to the home care industry where she serviced  the Medicare and Medicaid markets. Tiffany describes that experience as invaluable, as it taught her the difference between hospital care and homebound care. Her extensive experience has made Tiffany a highly requested and regarded nurse, a strong Director of Nursing, and a respected professional of hospital administrators, physicians, and her patients.

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