VIPrivate Care is your solution for discreet, premium healthcare on your time. From private duty nurses to round-the-clock medical advice, our team of Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Home Health Aids and other qualified professionals meet all of your and your loved ones’ care needs. Our service area covers New York and New Jersey, but we’ll follow you anywhere you go once you partner with us.

New York City and Surrounding Areas

Our story started with our flagship location erected in New York City and quickly grew from there. We take pride in our roots and will continue serving these communities for as long as we’re in business. Today, our New York services cover these areas:

  • NYC branches and suburbs
  • The Hamptons
  • Long Island
  • Rhode Island

New Jersey

In the decade since our first building opened its doors, we’ve got the opportunity to spread across state lines. New Jersey was the natural next step in our expansion. If you live in these areas, our New Jersey services are for you:

  • NYC Suburbs
  • South Jersey

Domestic and International Travel

When traveling, you may need medical care and support more than ever. Visiting new towns and new cultures exposes you to new pathogens and cuisines. When that happens, our medical team is just a phone call away. We’ll coordinate with local suppliers to ensure you can get the care and medication you may need

At VIPrivate care, we’re here to work for you. So, whenever you’re feeling off or need more medical support, we’ll come to you. Most often, we find ourselves traveling to homes, but we’re happy to meet you wherever you are, including your:

  • Yacht
  • Private plane
  • Company building
  • Local vacation home

Explore Our Service Options Today

Wherever you are in our service area, we’ll make sure you get the discreet, top-quality healthcare you deserve. We specialize in private duty care services such as:

  • 12 and 24-hour home care: Our most popular service allows you to stay comfortable in your home with constant on-hand assistance. Our team works 12-hour shifts to ensure you or your loved one has someone on hand to assist them in daily activities. 
  • On-demand medical care: As a high-level professional, you don’t have time to wait for a doctor’s appointment to open up. Whether you need your yearly physical or a prescription for sudden illness, our medical experts are available 24/7.
  • Telehealth appointments: While we’re willing to come to you, we also offer telehealth appointments. Even when you’re halfway around the world, we can be right at your side.
  • Durable medical equipment supplying: Most medical providers don’t keep their own supply of durable medical equipment (DME) on hand. We’re different — we can get you an appointment, prescribe you DME and deliver your supplies to your chosen place, all on the same day.

Contact us today to learn more about our services. One of our team members is waiting by to help you get started.