Designing Safe & Healing Indoor Environments for Seniors Care

Healing Indoor Environments for Seniors Care


Many people would prefer to live independently at home as they get older. To manage senior care at home and help them for their day to day tasks, it’s very important to enhance the indoor environments for wellness.

A healing indoor environment for seniors is the place where seniors can feel physically, psychologically, and socially in the good space and relieves stress and accelerates their health recovery.

Healthy indoor atmosphere touches the overall physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and occupational well-being of the seniors living and their family members.  That’s the reason designing safe & healing indoor environments for Seniors Care is critical.

A natural view in the home is one of the key factors in the area of comfort, safety, security and privacy. The following provides a

The following provides a guide for designing healthy & safe indoor environments for seniors long term care at home:

  • Safety fitting out at homes, especially in the room of elderly patients
  • Preserving the access to facilities
  • Making sure that residential areas are safe to move around in
  • Floors are vital. Design spaces in a way that aid independent elderly movement, whether with canes, walkers or wheelchairs, can preserve and support mobility.
  • Lessen dirt & dust by vacuuming and wet-mopping regularly
  • Modify the interior surfaces and furnishings that do not reflect or amplify sound waves
  • To maintain the healthy indoor air quality open windows and doors when weather and outdoor air quality permits
  • Repair water leaks in the bathrooms, toilets, and basin at home.
  • There should be proper level of lighting combined with appropriate task lighting
  • out at homes, especially in the room of elderly patients
  • Providing the Natural daylight for the senior living environments. 
  • Use bright, warm, lively and comfortable color patterns for walls of the home


Elderly care facilities need to provide comfort by giving consideration to hygiene, natural ventilation, lighting, the size of space, and primer of natural elements in the healing environment which is required for mental as well as physical well-being.


If the family members and healthcare providers include the elements of the healing environment in home plans in a reasonable way, it would contribute to safety, health promotion and the improvement in the quality of life for elderly patients

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