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Senior Care Franchise

VIPrivate Care has proven its franchise concept in one of the most challenging markets in the continental USA. Its growth has been largely due to the growth in the industry of Private Duty Home Care & in home care services. However, we approached our business slightly differently by focusing on a unique demographic within the Home Care Industry. Our market research has indicated that the business model will work nationwide and globally. The market research and our concept have proven results and the home care market needs our service. The scale of this company is clearly the best way under the Franchise Business concept. Quality of in home care services will continue to be the priority and consistently delivered to patients and families.

Existing Licensed and active Markets and Territories

  • New York City- Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County Long Island and Westchester County

New York City is where VIPrivate Care began. The concept was born by Mr. Terence Kerrigan and Ms. Tiffany Italiano. They were both working in the VIP service industry within medicine, patient care, preventative health and human performance. Their collaboration was a clear success by growing their company to over 2 million dollars in revenue in a very short period of time. Their vision and talents will be at best use by becoming CEO and Directors of the Franchise Corporation.

  • New Jersey
    • Full Clinical RN capacity statewide
    • Non-Clinical Home Care capacity within Bergen County
    • Other Territories can be arranged

New Jersey and specifically Bergen County, NJ is a hot bed for financial prosperity. Many business people and prominent families that have business in Manhattan live in the nearby NJ counties close to New York City. There are many other counties within New Jersey that are perfect markets for our service model.

Pending Licenses and Territories

  • Florida-Broward, Dade County
  • Other State Wide Territories will be available

South Florida will be opening in the near term. Florida is the state of choice for many retirees, successful businesses, and vacation homes. This market is a hot bed for wealthy people in need for in home care services, private duty home care, and private nursing healthcare services.

  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s tax code and residency allowances for Americans have caused an influx of businesses and wealthy that take advantage of the Federal Tax code benefits. The retiree and wealthy population is growing and therefore the need for superior in-home care services is also increasing. We have teams established in Puerto Rico already.

Many other markets nationwide with varying times frames to operate. Call for details

  • Connecticut
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • California
  • Arizona

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