How Home Care Assistance Can Help Elders

Home Care Assistance

As elders age, they will need assistance at some point when they are not able to take care of activities in and around the home. While they may be able to take care of themselves and move around without problems, they may need assistance with the proper functioning of their homes. Home care assistance provides services at home that elders cannot fulfill by themselves. By taking care of tasks that assist their living, elders can feel comfortable and continue to live independently in their homes.

Many elders resist moving to an assisted living facility for the fear of not being in a familiar environment anymore and losing control over their lives. While it is important for loved ones to know when elders need to move to assisted living facilities, they should understand that if elders can take care of themselves and only need assistance around the home, then home care assistance can work.

Home Care Assistance

For seniors who struggle to fully take care of everything around them, home care assistance is the best option. Many years ago, elders were forced to go to assisted living facilities even though they could take care of themselves. The pain of moving away from a place they have lived in all their lives was hard for many elders. However, they don’t have to deal with such emotional pains with assistance at home.

Home care assistance can help seniors with various tasks including laundry, driving, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Though there are independent living and retirement communities, nothing can beat the familiarity of being in one’s own home and getting help for homemaking and housekeeping.

How Home Care Assistance Can Help Elders

Home care assistance has a caregiver visit the home of elders to help with the chores and run errands. The visits can be infrequent or daily, depending on the needs of the elders. The assistance is aimed at improving the lives of elders and helping them live comfortably.

There are various services rendered by caregivers. Some of the services include,

  • Doing laundry
  • Making and changing beds
  • Cleaning and dusting the house
  • Washing dishes, pots, pans, and utensils
  • Sweeping and vacuuming
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning kitchen counters and sinks
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Collecting trash from the home and dropping outside for pickup
  • Overseeing climbing stairs and meal preparation
  • Cleaning after meals
  • Diet and medication assistance
  • Grocery shopping and other errands
  • Providing emotional support and companionship

There are many other services that can be provided by the caregiver. When elders can take care of themselves, they only need assistance to maintain their household, and home care assistance can be the best solution available.

However, it should be noted that in-house assistance becomes unsustainable when elders cannot take care of themselves. When elders cannot care for themselves and need help with getting in and out of bed, toileting, and supervision, they or their loved ones should look for assisted living facilities.

It is not possible for elders who cannot take care of themselves to perfectly schedule their time for assistance to get up in the morning, toileting, supervision, and getting into bed. Home care assistance is possible either in blocks of time or throughout the day. Agencies don’t provide assistance for an hour in the morning for getting up and toileting, an hour in the evening for walking in the neighborhood, and an hour at night for getting into bed. Since services are only available in blocks of time or throughout the day, elders may end up paying more for caretaking.

The cost of home care assistance can range from $400-$800 per day for 24/7 care. It is far more sustainable to shift to assisted living facilities where the average daily cost ranges around $200 per day. The hourly rate of long-term home care services is expected to increase further in the future. When elders are not able to care for themselves, it becomes a financial burden to continue with assistance at home. However, if families and loved ones can bear the additional cost to keep elders at home, there is nothing like it.

Elders feel loved and cared for when assisted at home. They don’t have to leave emotional attachments behind them and be put in an environment where everything seems new to them. Assistance at home allows elders to live peacefully in their own homes, maintain healthy relationships with loved ones, and form deeper emotional attachments with caregivers.

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