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Membership is all about relationships. Each patient is unique and has their own set of individual health needs.VIPrivate care takes the time to get to know our members and their health/medical needs and wants, which in turn allows VIPrivate Care to provide meaningful value to our members, and their individuality, which includes providing you with the information, resources and assets you need as it relates to your health care to maximize the best results for you.

Membership with VIPrivate Care

We provide discrete, expert care that caters to the discerning client. Our team of specialists will assist you with RN visits to medication organization and everything pre/post and in-between. VIPrivate Care makes it convenient for you and/or your family to manage your needs that fit your lifestyle. 

By working independently, rather than with insurance companies, we are unlimited in our offerings. We strive to build a solid relationship and create a rewarding long-term win-win situation that benefits you and offers continuous value. 

We can be anywhere you go. Our specialists can provide you with the best health care whether it be in your residence, domestic and international travel, yachts and jets. We ensure that our staff is proficient in your care regardless of where you are. Our sphere of competence and expertise in the medical industry, along with our attention to every detail, offers immeasurable benefit and peace of mind to all our members.

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As part of our member community the following are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • 24/7 priority access to our global database of vetted health care professionals and preferred hospitals and medical personnel
  • 24/7 tele-nursing access with HIPAA secure video technology to simplify all clinical advisory
  • VIP RN visitations
  • VIP RN medical advisor accompaniment to all medical appointments
  • Your own dedicated private VIP RN, NP or medical advisor to book, attend, manage all medical appointments and records and medication organization
  • Access to our network of VIP medical alliances
  • Fast and efficient appointments
  • VIP home care case management
  • Travel care

YOU are our priority!

Avoid being a victim of a fractured standard medical system

VIPrivate Care Client Membership Program’s objective is to provide our VIP members with the following advantages:

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Savings of time and money for you

Offering the best of care at your convenience

Convenience which in turn saves time

Comprehensive exclusive planning, organization and intelligent thinking

Emotional support which gives you peace of mind

Providing clinical excellence which reduces your uncertainty


Service packages

VIP Patient Memberships

Membership #1

Individual / Family

VIPrivate Care is committed to giving its members piece of mind when it comes to your personal and family health care options.

Membership #2


Wellness programs have proven to attract and retain executives.

Membership #3

Individual / Family – Covid -19

Uncertainty and fear are all around us. The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically magnified the uncertainty surrounding our physical and mental health.

Membership #4

Corporate – Covid – 19

The uncertainty that accompanies health challenges related to Covid-19 has dramatically influenced companies and employees to find solutions to their needs.