Individual / Family Covid

Individual / Family Covid

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The uncertainty that accompanies health challenges related to Covid-19 has dramatically influenced individuals and families to find solutions to their individual needs. It is likely to be a long road to recovery. There is not one clear path that is right for everyone. At VIPrivate Care, we are committed to delivering value-based solutions to ensure you and your family is safe and secure by mitigating risk.

Tier 1 – Covid-19 Education and Prevention

  • Consultation
  • Preliminary care plan
  • Coordinating a Risk Assessment
  • Ongoing Guidance and Prevention

Tier 2 – Covid-19 Experiencing Covid-19 Symptoms

  • Coordinate base line testing and results
  • Support and guidance
  • Quarantining
  • Monitoring Exposure
  • Managing Symptoms

Tier 3 – Covid-19 Positive Test Result

  • Daily monitoring
  • Respiratory status
  • Consulting and Planning
  • Hospitalization Coordination
  • Communication throughout the Process
  • Post Discharge VIPrivate Care
  • At-home Supervision

VIPrivate Care charges a one time upfront fee based on number of members (individual/family) covered. Additional services requested will be charged accordingly.

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