Our Value

Premium Private Pay cost must be backed by exceptional service to justify the value. With absolute certainty, we know our Dignitary Training System within our service model prepares our all-star caregivers to exceed patient and family expectation.

Some of Our Values:

  • Non Obtrusiveness
  • Anticipation of Needs
  • Attention to Detail
  • Authenticity
  • Professional Responsibilty
  • Client and Family Loyalty

The VIPrivate Care Difference

This is the typical flow of a patient’s experience wen it comes to anything related to a loss in ability, health and independence

The challenge is to know where they are in this cycle and how to sensitively approach implementing Advisory, Discovery, Service Crafting and Implementation of VIPrivate care Gold Standard of Service
by our Exclusively Trained VIPrivate Care Staff Review the following


  • Loss in capacities
  • Diagnosis
  •  Sudden
  • Overwhelming
  •  Desperate to maintain control


  • Diagnosis
  • Severity
  •  Avoidance Behavior
  •  Negotiation tactics
  •  Manipulation
  • Short cuts
  • Substandard Care in place
  • Efforts to piece mail the process of receiving care
  • Ignorance to the fall out
  • Possible Lack of knowledge of Advanced Care Planning, Estate
    Planning, living Will, DNR, POA, Healthcare Advocate or Proxy
  • Possibly no estate planning, successor or legacy planning in place


  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Loss of control
  • Regret
  • Guilt
  • Pushing help away
  • Making it about money even if it isn’t
  • Takes it out on caregivers


  • Avoidance
  • Reclusive
  • Loss of hope
  • Giving up
  • Lack of care
  • Mental Emotional shut down
  • Diet suffers
  • Can last an undetermined period of time

Acceptance and Curiosity

  • Begins to need human contact
  • Opens up
  • Hears the options
  • Willingness to contemplate giving up some control
  • Curiosity for quality help and genuine care
  • Resurgence of hope
  • Understands the options
  • Gradual cooperation with the process


  • Acceptance of change
  • Willingness to be helped
  • Reduces or eliminates reclusive or abusive behavior
  • Trust and Rapport improve
  • Bonding begins
  • Boundaries can be pushed but respected
  • Care begins to become easier for all parties

The Hospital

In spite of the options for superior physician and medical care at the best hospitals in the USA, the hospital itself is not a place for the feeling of wellness or happiness. The VIP Floors offer patients a better experience than the standard floors but they are not in the hospitality industry and do not understand or deliver premium service.

The concern for many patients and families is that they wont have the rapport with a new care team nor experience an equal or superior level of care once they leave the hospital.

This is when our VIPrivate Care Hospital and Patient-Family Value Proposition bridge the gap and answer these concerns, fears and pain points.

Nursing Home

It’s been proven that patients wellbeing and longevity can be challenged when their identity and life have been developed in their own home or property. Rarely do patients want to be removed from their family, friends and home.

These homes can provide a decent level of care if they are properly managed and their caregivers are vetted and trained. However, these facilities pale in comparison to what VIPrivate Care offers.

Our track record and patient/family testimonials illustrate the benefits of Private Pay Home care at this level of Premium Service

Standard Agency Home care

Our due diligence and market research has shown us that our standards are far superior than what is commonly available. We are not bound by restriction and limits of high volume, low margin, low pay home care agencies that accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

The Home

“ There is no place like home” Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best

The home can be viewed as hotel, vacation home, yacht or plane. We’ve serviced patient throughout the world. Patient happiness is clearly preserved in an environment that is familiar. The patient and family get the feeling of certainty that the wishes are honored and there will be no stones left unturned when it
comes to the best possible life given the changes that have been experienced.

While very few people like change or accept it initially, they see the difference when the VIPrivate Care experience is realized