12 & 24-Hour Homecare

VIPrivate Care’s 24-hour homecare services keep you or your loved one safe all day, every day. Our Assistant Director of Nursing will assign you two of our best Nurses and Home Health Aides to rotate 12-hour shifts, ensuring someone is there at all times to assist with personal and clinical needs.

Why Choose 24-Hour Care?

Many of our clients find significant benefits to having 24-hour home care over receiving care in a residential facility or hospital. Most importantly, our home care services allow you to stay home or get out as much as you’d like. You don’t have to leave home when you’re tired and you won’t have to deal with paparazzi or the media commenting on your personal business. When you feel like facing the world, our trained home care staff will be right by your side to ensure everything goes as planned.

VIPrivate care puts your trust in us above all else. We strive to provide discreet, personalized care that pays attention to the details. We anticipate what you need before you need it and our certified staff will make sure you get it, 24/7.

If 24-hour care is too much for you or your loved one, we also offer 12-hour home care. This option allows you to spend time with other people that can help you without a medical professional at your side. Then, when the time comes, we’ll handle the overnight shift or keep you company during the day while others are at work.

Our Home Health Care Services

VIPrivate Care services are about more than healthcare. Our daily agendas for in-home care might involve helping someone bathe and get dressed, take their medicines, prepare meals and exercise.

What makes people like you choose us?

  • We come to you: Other services might have you leave your home and move into a care facility to get the coverage you need. However, we believe that one of the keys to staying healthy is living in an environment you love. We come to you so you can maintain your independence and stay in the community you chose for as long as possible.
  • Our trustworthy professionals: Your team might consist of Home Health Aides, Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses and Physical Therapists, depending on your needs. Regardless of their license, know that your providers are licensed and VIPrivate Care is an accredited institution dedicated to giving you the quality care you deserve.
  • Around-the-clock coverage: You don’t need live-in care to have coverage. This service is different from live-in care, which involves a professional living in the house with their client so that they can be available at any time of day. 12- and 24-hour home care allows your providers to take an extended break and return to your needs the next day, fresh and more alert.

Contact Us For 12- or 24-Hour Home Care

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