Live-In Home Care-Staffing and Care Management

Throughout your or your loved one’s long lives, you’ve likely found the perfect location to live and a home that is full of memories. However, with age comes injuries or cognitive decline that can make living on your own more challenging. When that happens, you may think the best option is a long-term care facility, even though leaving home does not feel right.

VIPrivate Care provides another option. Live-in home care allows you to stay where you are while a caregiver comes to you and makes sure you stay safe throughout your daily life. Our employees consist of Home Health Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses so that we can give you professional services in your home.

Personal Caregivers Right at Home

Many professional patients choose an in-home personal caregiver over a nursing home or assisted living facility. There are many reasons why our patients prefer our home care services, such as: 

  • One-on-one care: Many nursing homes are understaffed, so you might not get the best care from an overworked nurse. Your caregiver from VIPrivate Care only focuses on one patient, meaning that you get personal care as soon as possible. 
  • 24/7 supervision: Your need for assistance doesn’t end overnight. We provide 24/7 care so that you have someone even in the middle of the night or on holidays. We’ll do our best to offer the same faces regularly, giving you aides that understand your unique needs and work with you frequently.
  • Home freedom: If you love your home, you don’t want to leave the place you’ve spent years living. VIPrivate Care gives you the freedom to stay in your house, go out whenever you want and continue loving where you live.
  • Custom care services: In many assisted living facilities, the staff is trained to help exclusively with medical care. Your VIPrivate Care companion can help you with anything you need. They’re medical professionals that make sure you’re safe and well, but they can also help with grocery shopping, cooking and taking care of your pets. Every caregiver on our team is ready to be your friend and offer you companionship as you go throughout your days together.
  • Private assistance: We put your privacy at the top of our list. When you need compassionate, confidential care, choose the team with years of experience providing discreet care to high-level professionals.

Sign Up for Live-In Care

VIPrivate Care is dedicated to providing premium, private care to our discerning clients. We give you the compassionate medical care you deserve while maintaining your daily life. Our caregivers will ensure you can live your life to the fullest with our assistance without relocating.

If you’re ready for a live-in home caretaker, contact us online or call 646-926-3113 today. Our staff can’t wait to join you in your next chapter in life.