VIPrivate Care is leveraging technology to enhance our services offered to our clients.

Telehealth delivery presents patient benefits that do not exist within traditional in-person care.

Telehealth services take place with video conferencing or phone calls, allowing you to stay home when sick. Telehealth nurses can also receive information on your vital signs, such as blood pressure or heart rate that you can measure on your own at home.

VIPrivate Care telenursing involves computer-based systems that utilize video and audio features. Through these modes, our healthcare providers give immediate, ongoing care, and can better consult with you leading to improved clinical and health service outcomes.

Our uniquely experienced and trained caregivers, equipped with etiquette and culture, provide both medical and non-medical services, wherever the client is. Home, hotel, vacation home, yacht, private plane, domestic or international — Where our clients need us, that’s where we are at all times day or night.

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