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VIII. Management & Quality Control

I. advisory

II. Discovery

VII. Patient care

Client Cycle

III. Greeting

VI. Staffing, scheduling & orientation

V. Patient Onboarding

IV. Service Crafting

Patient Cycle

I. advisory

II. Discovery

III. Greeting

IV. Service Crafting

V. Patient onboarding

VI. Staffing, scheduling & orientation

VII. Patient care

VIII. Management & Quality Control

Standards of care

VIPrivate Care’s Standards of Dignitary Focused Private Home Care

To Provide the Gold Standard of Patient Service

Accountability to Patient Safety, Confidentiality and Privacy Practices

Preserving Patient Rights and homecare rights

Reduce Patient and Family Uncertainty by providing exclusive, discreet and dignified care

Clear Communication

Attention to Detail

Attention to Privacy and Confidentiality

Providing Genuine and Compassionate Care

Attention to Consistency of Service

Our staff members are training in proper etiquette and are sensitive to cultural differences, races, religions, customs, ethnicities and personal preferences

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We provide daily visits, support and manages long-term and short-term care in the comfort of your home, hotel, yacht or plane. The patient & family will receive first class service from our clinical experts that are trained in the VIPrivate Care Way of private home care. Covering all aspects of medical care such as post surgical, injury, chronic disease-illness etc.

We offer clinical and non-clinical caregivers such as (RN) Registered Nurse, (LPN) Licensed Practical Nurse, (HHA) Home Health Aide, (CNA) Certified Nurse’s Assistant, Companion-Home Maker as well as other types of licensed therapists like (OT) Occupational Therapist, (PT) Physical Therapist, (ST) Speech Therapist and Nutritionist.

professionally licensed, bonded accredited and liability insured for your assurance and protection. We offer Medical Equipment, Property and Home Management, Wealth and Estate Management and Personal Security upon request. Our patients are predominantly private pay with the exception of some long-term care insurance.

Our Vision

In 2013, we envisioned redefining private home care and implemented a purpose driven commitment to delivering the highest quality care. In difficult times, we are committed to reducing the uncertainty patients and families experience.

Our Mission

To craft personalized medical home care and non-medical services for clients and their families by delivering exceptional etiquette, sensitivity, and warmth with attention to the finest details

Core Beliefs

We firmly dedicate our vision and operations to the patient and family experience as well as polishing world class caregivers. Private Clinical and Non Clinical care is a careful bespoke crafting of care providers that match well with our patients and families needs and wants.

Core Values

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  • Authenticity
  • Sincereity
  • Honor
  • Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Discretion
  • Autonomy
  • Compassion
  • Competency
  • Patience
  • Non-Obtrusiveness
  • Honesty
  • Pleasant Nature
  • Kindness
  • Gentility
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Meaningful Work
  • Openness
  • Positivity
  • Peacefulness
  • Poise
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Service
  • Trustworthiness
  • Accountability

VIPrivate Care Promise

VIPrivate Care promises to deliver a premium standard of service for clinical care and non-clinical home staffing that vastly surpasses the “common standard.”

We promise you that your carefully vetted, uniquely skilled and experienced caregiver or team will deliver to you exclusive, dignified and discreet service that will reduce or eliminate all uncertainty.

VIPrivate Care Mission

To craft personalized medical home care and non-medical services for clients and their families by delivering exceptional etiquette, sensitivity, and warmth with attention to the finest details.

Our Principals & Leadership

VIPrivateCare Licensed caregivers for seniors are compassionate; they are reliable, and they are well trained to provide quality home health services.

Mr. Terence W. Kerrigan


Tiffany Italiano, RN, BSN, CCRN | Co-Founder and Director of Nursing - Private nursing and home care agencies

Ms. Tiffany C. Italiano

RN, BSN, CCRN And Director of Nursing

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Ms. Tiffany C Italiano and Mr. Terence W. Kerrigan met in New York City in 2009 while both sharing a mutual interest in the sport of triathlon. This sport demands extreme dedication and commitment, which blends perfectly with goal setting Type A high-pressure occupations in New York City. It seems as if the stress and pressure to succeed in Manhattan makes folks need to cope by setting even more difficult goals. Triathlon, especially Ironman Triathlon is the pinnacle of high stress triathlon. This story makes perfect sense as it relates to both of their innate abilities to test themselves, their limits and apply virtues and self-belief to get the very best out of themselves mentally and physically. Terence was competing as a professional and Tiffany was an amateur at that time. Ms. Italiano retained Mr. Kerrigan’s services as a health and athletic performance coach and consultant. After a few months of coaching, they both let the coach relationship go and became a couple. Tiffany’s professional endeavors were in the field of skilled nursing. Her natural sweetness and high level clinical knowledge was one of the reasons Terence was drawn to her. Tiffany was trained by one of the best hospitals in NYC New York Presbyterian. She worked in critical care and managed a unit. Her managing experience has been essential to our current progress and growth. After 10 years, Tiffany took her talents to the home care industry by working with Visiting Nurse service that primarily services the Medicare/Medicaid market. That service was invaluable as it taught her the difference between hospital care and homebound care. The blend of both experiences has made Tiffany a highly requested nurse, a strong Director of Nursing and immensely respected by Hospital Administrators, Physicians and her peers. Terence’s business was built mainly on servicing the VIP Dignitary market as major executives and pro athletes to travel with them, write and implement strategies that would permit them to perform their jobs hired him, lives and athletic pursuits at their very best. Their relationship resulted in a perfect blend of VIP Dignitary customer service experience with the clinical and skilled nursing management expertise required developing a successful home care service agency. VIPrivate Care was born from its original name RN VIP. RN VIP started as a nurse consulting type company that evolved into a licensed home care agency VIPrivate Care a service of Global Private Home Care, LLC. VIPrivate Care the agency has been fully operational since October of 2015 and operating since 2014. VIPrivate Care was born from a vision where both founders felt the patient/home care market required a much higher level of care and service. Since 2014, VIPrivate Care has proven its concept and grown to 2.5 million dollar gross revenue in 2017. VIPrivate care is the preferred service company chosen by Royalty, Global Services, VIP Patient Referrals, concierge doctorsand the best hospitals in NYC.

Top Tier, Experienced, Professional
and Qualified Staff

Global Private Home Care Limited Liability Company offering VIPrivate Care aims to reduce the uncertainty associated with the efforts to care and cure. We are patient focused and results driven.

We provide private nursing and home health care services to our patients and their loved ones, the sense of relief from our comprehensive treatments, compassionate care and our commitment to their healing both physically and emotionally.

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About US

VIPrivate Care is a Dignitary Patient Focused series of agencies and franchises with its flagship location in New York City.

We customize and tailor a Bespoke Medical and Non Medical Experience for patients and families to insure satisfaction.

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VIPrivate Care is simply an extension of life itself. It was created as conduit to providing human connection in the forms of compassion, clinical care and service excellence to people.

I (Terence Kerrigan) and my partner (Tiffany Italiano) began our professional careers around providing the highest level of service to our clients and patients. To us, our vocations of advisory, coaching, consulting, nurse management and critical care nursing never truly felt like work because they were authentically an extension of who we are as people; business operators, visionaries, spouses and parents.

Our dedication to customers and patients combined with the lessons learned in our amateur and professional sports careers have uniquely blended these experiences, lessons and skills into what we call VIPrivate Care.

We have proven by concept that VIPrivate Care has been able to find Diamonds in the caregiver industry of Home Care. We carefully selected personnel by finding and matching the beliefs and values we shared with our original core personnel of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides and Physical Therapists.

Beliefs and Values are the two operative words we that drive this brand. We’ve been fortunate to learn by voluntary training and education that the human condition is complex and careful attention must be paid to understanding what governs beliefs, values, habits and behaviors.

Our training system teaches how to address one’s own beliefs, values, habits and behaviors, etiquette, culture, a customer service model, metaphors, applicable famous quotes and real case histories to help personnel shine and polish the diamonds they are.

Each of our corporate personnel, franchisees and staff of caregivers are qualified and possess the core strengths we know are needed in this business.

We are a team dedicated to the patient and family experience.

We aim to leave a lasting impression of decency, dignity, compassion, sensitvity, attentiveness and genuine humane care that will be appreciated. We only seek aligning our service and intent with the patient and family’s beliefs, values and expectations.

We believe as fiduciaries, a reasonable outcomes to expect are patient wellbeing is preserved and uncertainty is reduced by consistently exemplifying the Values of

Quality Policy Statement

The company management is committed to providing the necessary resources and to defining acceptable practices to ensure compliance with federal, local and state franchise laws. Management’s policy is to ensure the information in quality documentation is communicated to, implemented and understood by its entire staff and the Franchisee’s.

The operation, state licensure compliance manuals and franchisee handbooks all outline the policies and references the procedures to ensure the Franchisee understands how to operate, or who to contact to meet its obligations.

The objectives of the company are to produce fully autonomous and capable Franchisees to achieve their desired potential and to add to, support and improve the brand objective and mission.

Secret Shopper and internal auditing policies will ensure quality is maintained, growth is available, service and technology will be discussed for potential improvement.

The goal of the company is to become the only leading brand in Private Pay Dignitary Home Care and Concierge Nursing in the USA, Canada and Globally.