Global Private Home Care, LLC


VlPrivate Care has been a godsend. 1 can't be more pleased by the way they handle patient care and management. Its of a VIP standard. 1 recommend them as the preferred agency for Private Nursing and Homecare"

Ms. Jospehine Chaus

Former Board Member of Mount Sinai

"VIPrivate Care's professionalism and bedside manner are second to none. Their care providers are angels"

Charlotte Ford of Ford Family

Author of Charlotte Ford's Guide to Modern Manners and Board Member at NYP Cornell in NYC

"Dear Terry,
My husband and I are forever grateful for the professionalism and genuine kindness you showed us during his stressful health condition. You staff of nurses couldn't have been more comforting and knowledgeable "

Love and Warmth,



"Dear Tiffany,
When I had an immediate need for assistance in caring for my ailing husband VIP Private Care rose to the challenge with amazing professionalism and tenderness combined. Every individual on our team had superior sensitivity to each of us. I had such trust and comfort in their knowledge that I could focus my efforts on being the loving spouse, and could leave the medical and personal care to them.

Each person on the team was a professional committed to doing things right, patient in a way I couldn't be, knowledgeable, cheerful, and calming. They became extended members of our family and fit right in. In my heart of hearts I know you and they gave him and me the best care possible. I am forever grateful to you all.

What I also want to say to you personally is that, as you know, there were a couple of people we needed to switch out. It was never a reflection on them individually, just a case where the personali­ties didn't mesh. You handled that very professionally, didn't bat an eye, understood. And that mat­tered a lot too. It was for us a time of immense stress, nerves were frayed. You understood. Thank you so very much.

I am still recovering, tears are still close to the surface, especially these last few months as I keep thinking" a year ago at this time ... ,"

With deep appreciation,


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