Top 5 Best Companion Pets for Elderly Persons

Pets for elderly person

Research shows that the most serious disease for older persons is not cancer or heart disease, but its loneliness. Pets for elderly person offer affection, unconditional love, fight loneliness and can help ease the loss of a loved one. Pets can make a dramatic difference in the life of a senior.  Pets can be a great company, especially if you live alone and don’t get the chance to interact with friends and family on a regular basis.

Benefits of Pets for elderly persons to the companion animals

The benefits of animal ownership for seniors have been understood for decades. Pets help relieve anxiety, lighten boredom and provide devotion and companionship for elders across the country. While the primary benefits to animals are obvious to place them in loving homes and keep them from being destroyed. However, there are so many benefits to elderly persons as well, such as –

  • Pets offer warmth and absolute love
  • Pets ease loss of a loved one
  • Pets keep them engaged & happy. This helps to lower blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Pets are good for health and reduce visits to the doctor
  • Pets fight isolation
  • Seniors take better care of themselves
  • Seniors get a sense of safety and security
  • Reduced mental tension & depression level
  • Enhanced social interaction and opportunities for elderly person
  • Seniors become more energetic and active

Here, we have listed the best pets for elderly person

Dog – They can provide relief for countless health concerns facing the older populace.  For some senior citizens living in assisted living facilities, on their own, or suffering mental and physical challenges, it can be a lonely survival. This is where dogs come in. Dogs are adaptable, charming, and eager to affectionate and playful. Seniors love to spend their day with dogs.

Companion dog usually describes a dog that does not work, providing only companionship as a pet, rather than usefulness by doing specific tasks.

Cat   – Cats are helpful for companionship without affecting the limited mobility some of the seniors have. Cats are an independent creature, they’re entertaining & loving to play and are very people-oriented. If you want a cat that is going to give you tons of adoration and affection choose a female cat. Female cats are very affectionate and curious about it surroundings. 2They’ll enjoy climbing onto your lap for some good quality time and affection.

Bird – Small birds such as zebra finches and canaries are sweet colorful pets for seniors who live alone or who wish to fill the house with a little more noise.  Their sweet, quiet vocalizations are very pleasant to listen to and people often enjoy relaxing while they watch them flit around their cages.  Birds give seniors the opportunity to nurture, talk and teach.

Fish – They gives a sense of relaxation with their smooth swimming motions and beautiful colors. If you are looking for a stress-relieving pet, opt for fish. The very act of watching fish swim around a fishbowl or aquarium can reduce stress. That’s the reason so many offices and hospitals have an aquarium in the waiting room, they’re soothing.

Daily fish care tasks include feeding, providing necessary lighting, and monitoring water temperature and quality. Seniors enjoy these light activities.



Just as companionship, understanding, and devotion are beneficial to everyone. The same is true for the seniors as well. The simple act of having a cat to hug on their lap, or a dog to curl up at their feet can make a big difference in the life of an elderly person.





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