Top Ways to Uphold the Health of Your Elderly Family Members

Top Ways to Uphold the Health of Your Elderly Family Members

As per a survey 15 -20% of the population without any sickness reported ill-health. It is possible that many older people take ill health due to aging and another reason is not taking good care of their health.

Prevention and control of health problems of elderly require a multifaceted approach. Most of these older individuals rely on family members, friend, and neighbors for daily routine health care and assistance with things like preparing meals, bathing, taking medications, and getting transportation.

Aging is a natural process, which presents a unique challenge for every individual. It has been estimated that the number of people aged 60 and over will increase to 1.2 billion in 2025 and subsequently to two billion in 2050.

An elderly individual tends to have a higher prevalence of chronic diseases, physical disabilities, mental illnesses and other co-morbidities. Below mentioned are few key factors which significantly impact on the quality of life of the elderly person.
• Food and nutritional necessities
• Financial limitations
• Psycho-emotional concerns
• Poor knowledge and attentiveness about the risk factors

Daily care routine for the health of your older person aims to:

• Improve the quality of care of older persons across settings and borders
• Prevention of disease and timely cure
• Take care of Mental and Physical Well Being
• Improve quality of life and care of elderly person
• Develop the residential and community care workforce
• Deliver effective education of self-care and basic health related awareness

Ways to take Health of Your Elderly
1. Physical Care of Elderly Person
2. Mental care of Elderly Person
3. Modifications in Home
4. Keep them Socially Connected
5. Take care of their Financials

There are following two types of care at home is available
1. Home health care services
2. In-home care services

Home health care services for Health of Your Elderly

  • This may be the best choice for you if your family member requires regular assistance with health care needs. Home health organizations and skilled nursing agencies will be great for your elderly family members.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, the Veteran’s Administration and a number of private insurance policies pay for some home health care services, with certain restrictions.
  • They can provide a range of medical services, such as medication assistance, nursing services, physical therapy and medical social services to coordinate care among health care providers.

In-home care services to take care of Health of Your Elderly Family Members

  • If case your family member wishes support with daily activities and personal care, such as household chores, bathing, or meal preparation or is just in need of companionship, you likely are looking for in-home care services, rather than home health care.
  • The eligibility requirements and costs for these services vary. Often, you will have to hire someone from an agency or an individual provider and pay out of pocket.
  •  In-home care helps with everyday activities.

With aging elderly person tends to be happier and feel wisdom in their life. However, some researchers show that the elderly may be more prone to depression and loneliness, which can lead to higher rates of unhappiness.

Here we have mentioned the top tips to take care of elderly person at home and keep them happy all the time –

1. Check the home for safety first. Assess risks such as fall hazards that may be caused by slippery flooring, cluttered furniture that makes navigation difficult or areas of the house that may offer difficulty to the elderly such as stairs.
2. Make them feel superior: By celebrating their Birthdays and Wedding anniversary.
3. Install non-skid strips or pads in the bathtub or shower as well as in front of the bathing area to help prevent falls
4. Look ahead to anticipate the future needs of a senior. Their circumstances will change over time and new difficulties can arise with her physical, emotional or sensory abilities. These can damage her emotional well-being.
5. Evade isolation: Spend some time with parents, talk to them, keep them involved in family affairs, get their suggestions and work accordingly.
6. Take care of their health issues, physical and psychological. Talk to them if they need any medical assistance, provide them the required assistance. Risk of fall will always be there because of general weakness and fragile bones. We can avoid this by providing extra support.
7. You can provide easy access to a telephone or call monitor that offers them an easy communication route to caregivers
8. Should not behave rudely. At this age there is a tendency to repeat the same thing again and again. The family members must have patience to understand the situation.
9. Should Install grab bars in the bathroom for added security and for help with climbing into and out of a bathtub or shower.
10. Take time to listen carefully to an elderly person. Help him overcome any obstacles to his leisure activities that aging might cause.
11. Spare some time especially for them and take them for a morning or evening walk, they will be happy to spend time with you.


With Age Comes Happiness

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