Track Record

Case Histories and Track Record

Mr. Kerrigan and Ms. Italiano have proven VIPrivate Care’s business concept largely due to the success found in delivering the highest standard of care-service to its Dignitary clientele.

elite list covering 2014 - 2017

I) World Renowned architect

a) Provided 24/7 long-term care at the NYC residence. We were responsible for all medical duties and home care management for he and his wife for nearly 14 months

II) American Heiress and wife of Greek Shipping Magnate

a) We were responsible for contracted home care and private Registered Nurse management for nearly 5 years. We collaborated with top tier private physicians to make certain no stones were left unturned due to the clinical nature of this case.

III) Parents of TV personality and High Net Worth Individual

a) Our VIP patient services contacts at NYC’s major hospitals allowed us to review the patient’s hospital medical complications. We coordinated home care and provided 24/7 Registered Nurses for IV Infusions, Wound care and medications. Our dedicated team helped them all find comfort. Their reference and testimonial is available upon request

IV) American billionaire

a) Contracted us to provide immediate critical care and hospice care to a loved one. We serviced this case with the utmost compassion and confidentiality.

V) Qatar Royal Family

a) We continuously service all their family members on a regular basis in NYC

VI) Saudi Royal Family

a) We have serviced this family and the King domestically and internationally

American billionaire business mogul

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC called us to take care of their special VIP patient. We were contracted to perform physical therapy and 24/7 VIP Registered Nursing on the family yacht in Newport, RI for nearly 8 weeks. We were successful in reducing uncertainty, as this was a challenging case.

Billionaire Real Estate, Engineering Family with strong political affiliation

We currently service and have been servicing for nearly three years in NYC. Our duties include 24/7 private Registered Nurse and Home Health Aide Care.

Billionaire businessman provided to us by Memorial Sloan Kette ring in NYC

We serviced this wonderful man providing 24/7 VIP Registered Nursing until
his untimely passing.

Hollywood Iconic Actress

A wellknown NYC private physician gave this iconic actor to make certain her home care at the famous Dakota building would be discreet and clinically excellent. We provided 24/7 carefor nearly 15 months until the case ended due to natural causes.


We provided NYC and San Juan based 24/7 home care and property management for 12 months.

Premiere VIP Services Clinically Experienced, Etiquette trained, Culturally Sensitive


Dignitary Registered Nurses
Dignitary Licensed Nurse Practitioners
Dignitary Home Health Aide, Home Maker, Companion, Certified Nurse Assistants
Therapists, Occupational, Physical, Audiology, Speech Pathology
  • Daily Visits
  • Assessments
  • Consulting
  • Concierge Medical Planning
  • Hospital Greetings
  • In Patient Hospital RN, LPN and Aide Service
  • Injection, Infusion
  • Wound Care
  • Disease and Condition Care
  • Pain Management
  • Mobile ICU

Home Care

Home, Hotel, Yacht, Plane

  • Shortterm
  • Longterm
  • 24/7
  • Live In Care
  • Travel Service

Dignitary Registered Nursing Management

  • Presidential
  • Black Label
  • Platinum Label
  • Standard Label

Other Services

  • Medical Equipment
  • Nutrition
  • Day to Day Support, Errands, Home Making

Mr. Drew Guff of Siguler Guff & Co, LP

Prominent Reference and Advisor

Drew J. Guff is a Managing Director and Founding Partner of Siguler Guff. Together with George Siguler, he is responsible for directing the Firm’s private equity investment strategy. As Chair of Siguler Guff’s Executive Committee, Mr. Guff leads strategic decision-making related to existing funds, new product initiatives, the Firm’s management and significant internal matters. He is a member of the Investment Committees for all of Siguler Guff’s multi-manager funds, direct investment funds and separate accounts. 

Mr. Guff has over 30 years of private equity experience. In addition to his oversight of the Firm, he leads Siguler Guff’s emerging markets investment strategy and the direct investment activities of Russia Partners, an affiliate of Siguler Guff that manages more than $1 billion of private equity investments. Together with George Siguler in 1995, he acquired the Private Equity Group of PaineWebber to form Siguler Guff. 

Prior to founding Siguler Guff in 1995, Mr. Guff spent eleven years working in PaineWebber’s M&A and Merchant Banking Groups, most recently as First Vice President, a role involving both principal and advisory capacities. Previously, he was a Principal within PaineWebber’s Merchant Banking Group, where he structured and managed private equity investments on behalf of the firm. Earlier in his career, Mr. Guff served as Assistant to the President of PaineWebber for four years. 

Mr. Guff is a member of the President’s Advisory Group at the Council on Foreign Relations and the Board of Directors of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA). He serves on the Board of Directors of the Russell 20/20 Group and is a member of RAND’s Business Leaders Forum. He is also a member of the Executive Board of the U.S. -Russia Business Council and the Board of the Eurasia Foundation. Mr. Guff is an International Council Member of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He sits on the board of directors for a number of portfolio companies and previously served on the board of directors of EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM). In 2011, Mr. Guff received the Woodrow Wilson Award for corporate citizenship in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of U.S. -Russia relations. Mr. Guff is a key representative for the private equity industry and is a frequent speaker at global industry conferences and investment forums. He is also a trustee of the Phillips Academy Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers. 

Mr. Guff holds an A.B. in Economics from Harvard College.


Mr. Jordan Waxman of Hightower

Prominent Reference and Adviser

Jordan joined HighTower in March 2012 after 10 years with the Private Banking and Investment Group at Merrill Lynch and eight years as a wealth manager with Goldman Sachs.

Jordan became a licensed ValuesBased Planner with Money, Meaning and Choices institute and earned the AIF® Designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies in 2013. He specializes in tax, wealth transfer, philanthropic and estate planning, as well as in asset risk management. Jordan advises on the structure and execution of onshore and offshore trust solutions, and counsels on philanthropic planning issues and techniques. 

Jordan graduated with an MBA from the Universi ty of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business with a concentration in Finance and Economics. Prior to business school, Jordan graduated with B.C.L. and LL.B. degrees from McGill University’s Faculty of Law, anda B.A. (with honors) from McGill’s Faculty of Arts.  

At McGill, Jordan was awarded the Scarlet Key for outstanding leadership in varsity athletics, politics and literature. He remains a competitive Ironman triathlete and marathon swimmer. At age 50, Jordan became the 99th person in history, and first Canadian male to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (2006, 2010, 2014), English Channel (2010) and Catalina Channel (2014).

Jordan is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Professionals and State Bars of New York and Massachusetts. He is a member of the Board of Directors of HighTower, Friends of McGill University, College Spring, and the Board Emeritus of the Eli and Edythe Broad Theatre in Santa Monica. He also serves on the Professional Advisory Committee of McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management where he coteaches Investments for the B. Comm. Program and the Faculty Advisory Board of McGill’s Faculty of Law, where he teaches Estate Planning. He lives with his wife, Caren, and three children in Rockleigh, NJ.

Jordan has numerous peer and industry awards. In 2008 he was named as one of Worth Magazine’s Top 250 Wealth Advisors. In 2014 he was named a Top Registered Investment Adviser by Financial Times. In 2014 and 2016 Jordan was named to the Barron’s Top 1200 Advisors by State List. He was named a Five Star Professional Wealth Manager as featured in New York Magazine for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2016 Jordan was named one of Barron’s Top 100 Independent Advisors and a Forbes’ Amerca’s Top 100 Wealth Advisor. As part of HSW Advisors, Jordan was also named as part of the Financial Times Top 300 Teams in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


I have known Terry Kerrigan for close to twenty years now. Over those many years, Terry has consistently been a professional of the human condition that has been instrumental in his launching of Global Private Home Care, LLC in 2013. His professional coaching, health and athletic background helped him develop the leadership skills and understanding of human health that have led him to this position today.

His clientele have been exclusively high net worth and global dignitaries that seek a standard of clinical care second to none.

Most importantly, Terry has extremely high ethical standards. He sets a high bar for himself and his employees and is sensitive to a client’s needs, as well as those of a client’s family. Terry is honest and straightforward.

I first met Terry when I had a simple shoulder impingement. It was an embarrassing injury– I injured my shoulder throwing my briefcase into the overhead bin on an airplane. I thought I would need surgery, in fact and numerous friends had had surgery for similar impingements. Terry immediately knew this was a nerve impingement that could be worked out with basic therapy. In fact, he worked it out in one session and put me on a regimen to improve my flexibility. I also suffered from “office posture syndrome”, a hunching over of shoulders and generally weak core.

Years passed and I did not see Terry until again I had a shoulder impingement. Luckily I found him thanks to Facebook and started on a healthier track. In fact I took up sprint triathlons, the shortest kind, and Terry got me going and consistently finished in the top quartile of my age group. Terry is a former professional triathlete, having done 35 Ironman triathlons throughout the world. Terry’s range is impressive and also humble, very personable and motivating.

My business is the private equity investment business and it involves a great deal of travel. I don’t think I could perform my job if I weren’t able to be in decent, letalone excellent, physical condition. I could not more highly recommend Terry Kerrigan to anyone thinking about making use of his company’s services. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional detail or background.


Drew J. Guff

(646) 5065449