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Becoming a VIPrivate Care Vendor

Our goal is to develop partnerships with vendors and suppliers that help us to better serve our clients, communities and employees more effectively. Your products and attention to service directly affects us and our quality of service that we provide to others. We look to align ourselves with vendors and suppliers that will provide the best quality, price and client service to best meet our goals and objectives. We want vendors who are as committed as we are in achieving this outcome.

We believe in building strong relationships with vendors and suppliers that share our same purpose. Building and maintaining these relationships affords us a competitive advantage for our franchisees. This allows for continuous enhancements to our system.

We carefully choose and diligently manage our vendors and continuously monitor vendor performance to ensure the best possible partnerships. We believe this robust monitoring approach and channel management affords a higher rate of success.

We are committed to holding ourselves and our vendor community to the highest standards of business conduct and ethical practices. We have a zero tolerance policy for breaches of ethics and expect our supplier to adhere to the strict guidelines as outlined in our VIPrivate Care Vendor Code of Ethics.

We are currently accepting applications in key markets. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please complete the following form.



It is important to us that you have the ability to accommodate growth within the system in a timely fashion.


We are very serious about our brand and it is equally important to us that you are just as serious about protecting our brand and following our guidelines and properly using our trademarks.

Onboarding, Staffing and Support

It is essential that you have the ability to provide products/services consistent with our standard of client experiences.


We are committed to cultivating and supporting relationships with companies owned and operated by ethnic minorities, women and other historically underutilized groups?

We support supplier diversity.