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From Clincial need to non Clincial needs, our Dignitary Trained caregivers are available for 24 hour care by RN’s, LPN’s, Home Health Aides HHAs, Certified Nursing Assistants CNAs, Home Makers and Companions


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Travel Care

We provide dedicated care teams who have the ability to perform services within the home, hotel, yacht and planes. All service contracts we offer can be customized and molded to the needs of the patient.


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VIPs/Dignitaries both domestic and international sometime seek our agency to essentially provide staffing that they will pay directly. We use a vetting process to make certain our caregivers are protected by labor…


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Home Care

Whether its sudden in nature or planned, our Home Care is simply the best. We use a through intake discovery process to iron out all the nuances to make certain the transition to home care is as comfortable as possible.



24hr Home Care

Our most sought after service consisting of two 12 hour shifts conducted by a 4-5 personnel care team and managed by our Nurse Liaison or Assistant DON 

12hr Home Care

One 12 hour shift conducted by a 4-5 personnnel care team and managed by our Nurse Liaison or Assistant DON 

Live In Care

Live In Care is a good option when home care requires a continuity that shift work may not offer. Sometimes families that have the living space prefer only a few caregivers alternating days or even weeks to reduce the amount of human change. This can lend to a smooth and easier process.

Infusion Services

Advanced pump technology – portable, ambulatory pumps make it easy and convenient for infusion patients to adhere to therapy while attaining the highest level of mobility and independence.

Initial Consultation Services

Up to 2 hours of pro bono consultation time to answer all your concerns & give you time to think about your options to avoid impulsive decisions

We Welcome Daily Visits

Wound Care, Medication Organization, Home Safety, Care Planning, Geriatric Care

Hospital Advocacy & clinical oversight

This affords the patient and family the comfort of knowing there are an extra set of critical thinkers overseeing the patient’s needs and communication

Exceptional Travel Care Staffing

Whether it be a Hotel, Yacht, or Plane: our dignitaries that reside overseas or those who have multiple residences and global businesses are covered.

VIP Registered Nurses

Receive personalized care by our dignitary trained caretakers with clinical experience

VIP Licensed Practical Nurses

We offer dignitary trained LPNs to provide the best care for our VIP members

Director of Nursing On-call

Supports the DON and handles all clinical cases and communications with RN’s Liaisons, LPN’s, Clinicians and Families


Service packages

VIP Patient Memberships

Membership #1

Individual / Family

VIPrivate Care is committed to giving its members piece of mind when it comes to your personal and family health care options.

Membership #2


Wellness programs have proven to attract and retain executives.

Membership #3

Individual / Family – Covid-19

Uncertainty and fear are all around us. The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified the uncertainty surrounding our physical and mental health.

Membership #4

Corporate – Covid-19

The uncertainty that accompanies health challenges related to Covid-19 has dramatically influenced companies and employees to find solutions to their needs.