Why Should You Choose Premium Private Nursing for Elders

Premium Private Nursing

More and more families are choosing premium private nursing for elders at home. While being more affordable, premium private care from qualified nurses directly at the home of elders makes the experience more convenient and comfortable. Usually, elders don’t have to visit hospitals for minor medical assistance such as removal of aseptic dressings, insulin syringe filling, and injection administration. With registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs), these medical tasks can be performed at home, hence saving time and money while greatly enhancing comfort for elders.

When you avail of premium private nursing services from a reputable agency, you will have peace of mind knowing that the health needs of elders at home are taken care of by a reliable team of health care professionals. You can customize the health care experience based on your needs and ensure the best medical care and assistance is always available.

What is Premium Private Nursing?

Premium private nursing is nursing at home for the sick and elderly who need ongoing assistance to improve their health and happiness. While traditionally, premium assistance was only available in hospitals where elders had to give up their independence for the best care, with premium private nursing, elders can stay in their own homes and still receive the premium care they desire.

Premium private nursing prioritizes the comfort and happiness of elders along with their well-being. Only highly-qualified nurses are available for assistance and you can be assured that the care of your elders is in good hands. The medical care professionals on duty can also work along with family members who are providing care, to understand more about the medical care requirements and expectations.

What Should You Expect from Premium Private Nursing Services?

When you work with a premium private nursing agency for elders and VIPs like VIPrivate Care, you should expect highly-trained and qualified nurses on staff to provide specialized and customized care.

The nurses and health care professionals provide the same level of care as they provide for patients at hospitals and health centers. The nurses can work along with in-home caregivers and take on critical tasks that improve the health and well-being of elders.

Contrary to what many people think, the cost of premium private nursing at home is not as expensive as premium nursing in hospitals.

Elders at home can experience more connection with private duty nurses and build a bond after regular home visits. This adds more delight to the entire experience and makes elders become comfortable.

All premium private nursing services have highly-capable nurses who can perform the following medical tasks,

  • Removal and replacement of aseptic dressings
  • Oral medication set up
  • Injection administration
  • Wound care and skin condition management
  • Tube feeding
  • Oral suctioning
  • Insulin syringe filling
  • Ostomy and catheter hygiene
  • Bowel care

The nurses can also assess the general health of elders and co-ordinate with family caregivers to ensure the best treatment and care is always available.

How Can Premium Private Nursing Help You?

You can avail premium private nursing care depending on your needs at any time during the day. There are flexible time periods you can choose from to care for your elders when they need the care the most. You can schedule short-term hourly nursing visits and long-term care.

Short-term visits can be for 1 to 4 hours or other specified periods. You can avail of these services when elders need medical attention during a specific time when in-home caregivers aren’t available. Most clients opt for short-term care services when elders need temporary medical attention and care after surgeries and injuries. Specialized nurses can perform injections at home, dressing and wound care, and ECG at home to care for elders.

Long-term visits can be 12 to 24 hours in duration. The care during these visits includes medical attention to improve the physical condition of elders and provide emotional support for them. Clients opt for long-term care services to get comprehensive care for their loved ones. Nurses have more time to care for elders and can perform advanced medical care tasks such as infusion care, bowel care, and catheter care.

What are the Benefits of Premium Private Nursing?

Besides being more convenient and not having to go to a premium private nursing home for care, elders get many benefits from hiring premium private nurses to provide treatment and care at home. They recover more quickly when they are in a familiar environment and are surrounded by loved ones who care for them.

Other benefits of premium private nursing include,

  • Support for diet and nutrition as nurses can make sure patients have meals at the right times during the day
  • Skilled nurses can provide essential nursing care to patients with chronic health problems and reduce the need for hospitalizations
  • Patients/elders get complete focus and attention from visiting private nurses, thus ensuring maximum support and care
  • Medication management and regular checking to make sure patients are recovering and becoming healthier
  • Recovery at home after a hospital stay for injury and illness with a special focus on extensive care for a speedy recovery

In addition to ongoing medical support and care, private duty nurses also make sure they educate patients about self-care. This is because it is important for elders to know some simple things they need to do to help themselves and improve their health in the absence of medical assistance from nurses. Private nurses can co-ordinate well with doctors and understand the course of medical care being provided to the patients. This will help the nurses regularly check on the patients, ensure the safety of patients at home, and enquire about health, pain, and discomfort.

Considering the fact that premium private nursing is cheaper than hospitalization, it’s highly recommended that you consider its benefits and give your elders the best care they can receive directly at their homes, improving convenience and the overall experience.