The best ideas for Fun Activities & Games for seniors

The best ideas for Fun Activities and Games for seniors

Fun activities and games for seniors are a great way to engage them in homes. It’s always good for senior people to laugh. Doing such fun activities and games for seniors few days a week or even every day can keep the elderly people happier and healthier.

In this blog, we have mentioned numerous fun activities and games for seniors at home and at senior’s community center with the help of caregivers.

  1. Story Telling with gorgeous Hat – This is very simple and highly engaging fun activity. With this activity, the hat wearing senior will wear a nice good colour hat and narrates a story. This frequently helps them to review an old memory or fantasize about something they might want to do.


  1. Golf & Fishing – Go golfing with your caregivers or play a round of mini golf. Find a pond and go for fishing. Seniors enjoy these activities in group or even with their family members.


  1. Flower Plantation and preparing a hanging basket – Engaging gardening activities and preparing a hanging basket is an amazing indoor activity for senior. Colourful flowers attract everyone. Gardening brightens seniors live and feel them also beautiful & young. Doing gardening activities together family members allows them to build relationships through doing the things their clients enjoy most.


  1. Fruity Saturday to visit Family or Friends

The most important past-times for seniors is visiting family and friends home. Visiting with family and friends not only helps to strengthen family bonds and heritage, it’s also important for happiness. Seniors loneliness have been associated with increased risk for depression, high blood pressure mental decline. You can plan a dinner outdoors at a restaurant or have a picnic at a park.


  1. Funny Arts work

Whether it’s learning a new art or continuing with a favourite hobby, most arts and crafts activities can be modified as needed so that seniors with certain physical limitations can still enjoy a favourite pastime. Such activities offers a wonderful way for seniors to pass the time either at home or at senior community centres. Here we have mentioned most of the art and craft activities for senior citizens –

  • Making greeting cards
  • Block painting
  • Drawing
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Making foam magnets
  • Flower arranging
  • Painting


  1. Fun activities and games for seniors Hobbies

It’s great idea to consider adding a seniors hobbies that you never had the time to develop before.  It may take some time to find a few hobbies the senior. Don’t give up. It will be worth when you get to spend quality time with your loved one. See the look of joy and delight on their face that comes from doing something fulfilling, fun and worthwhile. Some ideas of activities include:

  • Dancing
  • Cooking or making cake
  • Preparing Favourite chocolate ice-cream
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography
  • Gourmet cooking


  1. Fun and Health Activities

Activities in which seniors health will improve, there is nothing better than such activities. It can provide many physical and mental benefits to an elderly person. From minimizing stress and hypertension to helping to strengthen bones, build balance and many other wonderful benefits.

  • Go for walks with friends and family.
  • Practicing Yoga at seniors centers or community centres
  • Meditation & Pranayama
  • Light stretching exercises in Group
  • Swimming
  • Laughing loudly


  1. Kitty Parties and Social gathering

Kitty Parties and Social gathering is the most popular and favourite activities and game for the female seniors. Various games can be played with things that can be easily arranged at home.

  • One minute all sweets finishing games
  • Peeling potatoes games
  • Lock & Key games
  • Playing Cards
  • Paper couple games
  • One minute funny tongue twisters game.


There are numerous fun Activities and Games for Seniors, exercise, activities, and games elderly individuals can participate in keeping their brains sharp, bodies strong and spirits high. Regardless of whether it’s investing energy outside, playing recreations with family and companions, or investing time dealing with a most loved pastime, doing things they cherish can assistance the general prosperity of all seniors.




  • Hello, I’m the director of our senior center and I am thinking about opening the center back up in May. We are a very small community and there isn’t many seniors that will come to the center. Even when we were open before the covid hit, not many would come and I know we have more then 5 or 6 seniors in our town!! I just need something to get them in here!! I just need help getting our seniors to come!! I need ideas and how to go about getting them to come and be social! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Play a Getting Acquainted or also known as Getting to Know You game. First part of game, make up 5 questions, i.e. Where did you grow up? What is your fondest memory of where you grew up? What was your favorite age? and so on. You pick one question at a time, and each person at the table answers each of the questions. Allow about 15 mins. It gets everyone talking about themselves to each other. Parts 2 & 3 – make up 2 sheets with 10 Trivia questions, as a team they each answer questions, then as a team they decide which will be the correct answer and get 1 point for each correct answer. Once you give out answers, table with highest score will get a prize. Play 2 games separately, so 2 tables will win a prize. We buy useful items at dollar store and set them on a separate table. If you have 8 at a table, you can buy 16 items. 8 for each game. We usually buy double the amount and have 2 tables win each game.

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