Top 4 simple Hygiene Routine for seniors

Top 4 simple Hygiene Routine for seniors - VIPrivate Care
Maintaining good personal hygiene routine for seniors is so important,  as your loved one ages. Poor hygiene routine for seniors can result in uncomfortable infections and skin complaints. So to avoid this, you or caregiver may have to encourage them delicately to accept some assistance. The level of help required for an elderly person will depend on their health status and ability. For some, help may only be required for preparing a bath and having someone on standby for emergencies. We all want our senior friends and family members to be happy, healthy, and comfortable in their own bodies. Therefore, those of us with loved ones who are experiencing a diminished ability to maintain their own personal hygiene are always on the lookout for ways to make things easier for those individuals. With aging, it becomes difficult to maintain and perform simple hygiene routine for seniors. Things like showering, grooming, and changing clothes all become things that seniors are suddenly unable to do on their own. As part of our home care for the elderly, we at VIPrivate care in Florida, USA offer a multitude of services for seniors who need daily or more regular assistance.

Here are 4 Easiest ways to Hygiene for the Elderly personal care –

Since seniors are no longer feel steady enough to get in and out of the shower safely. Most of the washing and hygiene is now accomplished with various cleaning wipes. This has made life much easier and safer for them. This option available to make your caregiving tasks easier and your loved one’s self-care easier and safer.

1st – Instead of showers use bath wipes

Bath Wipes are so much easier and safer than trying to get a bath or shower and conserves some energy. These are fairly low-cost, most likely about the same cost as water for a bath or shower. They are thicker and larger than diaper wipes, with eight to a package. You can use bath wipes to wash your whole body.

2nd – Shampoo Caps for seniors hair hygiene routine for seniors

Shampoo Cap provides easy, all-in-one hair care. They are great for those who don’t have the strength or energy to wash their hair in the shower or stand at the sink. The cap is saturated with shampoo and warmed in the microwave.  This gives a nice heated massage as you wash the hair and the cap keeps the shampoo from dripping down the neck.

3rd – Wipes for Face Cleansing and Moisturizing

Although you can give seniors a warm wash cloth to wash their face, but face wipe can also be a good choice that has cleansers and moisturizers already in it to save the extra step of putting on moisturizer. It helps to clean and moisturize face in a much easier way, while sitting on the bed or on chair.

4th – Diaper Wipes for better cleaning

Whether a person is normally continent or not, it is important to maintain their personal hygiene. If your loved one has problems controlling their bladder or bowel functions, they are at risk of developing infections or skin problems. Keep diaper wipes beside the toilet for extra cleaning as needed, along with a basket of any ointments and lotions used, a box of tissues and extra roll of toilet paper. Keeping all of these and the wastebasket right next to the toilet makes it easier for the elderly to take care of themselves.


Look at all aspects of hygiene & cleanliness that you can control in your Care Home and consider how you can raise standards. Without an adequate hygiene routine for seniors, people can be left feeling dirty and unprepared. This can even lead to agitation, frustration, and depression in seniors. Creating a routine can help people to get used to doing specific activities such as showering and brushing hair.

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