VIP Private Home Care is About Overcoming the Anxiousness of Loss of Independence

Loss of Independence

Loss of independence occurs as people age, as they suffer physical, social or emotional setbacks which prevent them from functioning independently. The key to this loss of independence is how easy patient finds to accept help from either family members or professional caregivers.

A feeling of worry or unease, Anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, and sadness are most common feelings that elderly patients come across. Sometimes, senior patients may become overly anxious, fearful, or depressed and may no longer cope well with day-to-day life.

VIPrivate Care’s highly qualified and Licensed Caregivers provide patients the sense of relief the anxiety & fear both physically and emotionally.

What kind of loss of independence do the elderly experience?

Emotional Loss – Loss of independence can create tremendous frustration, feelings of uselessness, and sadness, due to a sense of loss of control in one’s life. People vary in their reactions to receiving help. Some are quite comfortable getting help from others, while others are not.

Physical and Mental Losses – It Includes loss of Flexibility, Physical Energy, Body strength, Vision, Memory Problem, hearing problem and much more.

Social Loss – Visiting friends Groups, get to gather, family functions, going out for celebrations etc.

How can VIP Private Home Care caregivers help Elderly Patients to cope with their loss of independence?

To overcome the anxiety of loss of freedom, our caregivers take extra care of the patients.  All care provided to patients by our staff is closely monitored and supervised by a VIP Registered Nurse. Below mentioned how VIP Private Home Care caregivers do to make the elderly patients happy at home –

  • Gently request the patient to talk about their fears and concerns.
  • Help them understand  that losing independence is a common experience as people age, and not a sign of personal failure
  • No force on the patient to talk before they are ready.
  • Listen carefully without judging the patient’s feelings – or your own.
  • Help them to maintain relationships with loving and caring friends and family
  • Talk with the patient to decide what we can do to better support for them
  • Use stress relievers that have worked for them to reduce stress and Fear of Losing Independence.
  • Encourage them to accept it
  • Help them to recognize their feelings and that it’s OK to feel sad and frustrated at times without putting themselves down for not being able to do what they used to do
  • Provide full support to senior patients through groups or one-on-one counseling.

Who benefits from VIP Private Pay home care?

Home health care services are beneficial for diverse clients in need of in-home medical care and ambulatory support. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Royalty and Diplomats
  • Real Estate and Business Moguls
  • Celebrities
  • CEO’s
  • Board Members, Fund Raisers
  • Elderly clients with health concerns who want to maintain independence and remain in their own homes.
  • Clients of all ages who require Post-acute medical care, post-surgical care, supervision, and/or assistance.
  • Clients who require complex treatments.
  • Clients who suffer from a wide array of chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and brain injury, and who require ongoing medical monitoring but wish to remain at home.
  • Clients diagnosed with mental illnesses that require ongoing care and support.
  • Caregivers looking for support.
  • Clients who need assistance administering or managing medications.
  • Care management of chronic disease states

VIPrivate Care is a private nursing and home care service that provides immediate, short-term, long-term, clinical and nonclinical care to VIP patients that prefer private duty and private pay.

It is registered, professionally licensed and certified, liability insured and liability bonded for your assurance and protection. Our HIPAA compliant digital management system maintains all patient’s confidentiality.  | Tel: 866.863.6800 | [email protected]+

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